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1 Register a Free Nutaku Account
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2 Confirm Registration (The account must be Activated)

3 Download Nutaku Gold Hack (instructions below)

Crystal Maidens Nutaku Free Gold Hack
Crystal Maidens Nutaku Free Gold Hack

Download Nutaku Gold Hack to Enjoy FreeFap CEO Rubies!

 Let me know in the comments below how it worked for you!

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If Downloads 1, 2 and 3 doesn’t fit you take your time and try

Mirrors for Specific Countries


United States Mirror 

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Enjoy all the perks that come with being the top dog and put your clicking power to the test!

Climb the corporate ladder by buying, selling, hiring and building up to more and more extravagant studios, in a race to become the best video-chat studio ever! The girls you hire along the way will be right next to you to fulfill your every request.

Meet latest character: Roxanne! Please her and receive special new email with animations, new threads and photos! You can find Ice Cream Scoops by clicking the Event Chest repeatedly! Have fun!



    1. it works dude, but super hard to download,… how many time can we use it?

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