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Free Mafia King 7k Gems on Nutaku Platform Android.

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Key Features

– Multiple Storyline –
In the underground world you have to choose your words and actions carefully, a single mistake may lead to a totally different outcome ! Each step you make in the game may lead to different rewards, all depending on your decision making.

-Real life PVP Combat  –
The city is full of crime and challenge, your neighbor could be your ally, and turns into your enemy the next second ! Protect and Conquer your area, team up or fight with players online with your elite SEXY agent !

-Erotic Dialogue  –
Build your status and claim your name, your encounter with different secretary would gives you one of the most erotic experience ever.

– 40+ Unique Secretary –
The underground world has gathered more than 40 secretaries, Hottest, Sexiest girls around the world, from cute Japanese students to Hot Babe Blondie, all in your service.


  1. cheats for mafia works fine thanks

  2. wow, amazing hack love this mobile game

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