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Life Selector is an Interactive Porn Games webstie where you can play Porn Games with real pornstars. The Ultimate Interactive Porn Site with sex games for adults only!

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We dicided to create a Life Selector Hack because of the big download games that every person have to endure before playing those games.

Anyway the best way is to have full access on their website and the latest Life Selector Games for Free with Credits. For this reason Life Selector Credits Premium Hack exists.

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Download  Life Selector Credits Premium Hack v 1.5

Go into Life Selector Credits Premium Hack Folder and install the program.

Enter your Email

Pick one of 3 Credits Options

Click Start and Wait

After you added credits to your account clear your cookies from browser and login.


New version of  LifeSelector Credits Premium Hack v 1.5


This Hack is working if you create a New Account from our Banner below, it will take you a few seconds then you can add as much Credit you desire, Use this Life Selector Credit Hack 2 times per day, it should be enough. Enjoy!


 You have 3 Download Options because some of them might not work at the moment of your Download.

Please take your time and try them!

NOTE : All Files Updated!

How to Download Life Selector Credits Hack!

Let me know in the comments below how it worked for you!

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How to Download

I can’t Download the File / No survey appearing!

1. Check that your browser accept cookies

2. Use a legit and not a temporary email

3. Disable Pop up blockers

4. Make shure Java is enabled on your browser

5. Clear browser cookies before starting a survey

6. After you complete a survey wait 1-2 min before it starts downloading automaticaly


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